Another Beginners Guide To E-Cigarettes If You Want To Give Up Smoking

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Why Am I Doing another Guide?

Simply that the technology has moved on since my last guide was done. Specifically Pod systems have become more popular, as well as improvements in tank technology. 

There are different Types of Vaping.

There are two main styles of vaping. MTL (mouth to lung) and STL (straight/direct to lung). So MTL is more like like how you would smoke a tobacco cigarette. And, certainly when giving out advice, this would be my main preference when advising on how someone can use vaping as a means to give up smoking. In essence with MTL you take an inhale, draw the vape into your mouth then inhale. STL is generally used by more experienced vapers who want a different style of vaping, here you simply breath in and inhale a large amount of vapour, this is what you see when people are producing large amounts of vape (also known as cloud), so my advice is always, especially if your a heavy smoker, start out with a DTL device and then, if you desire, move to an STL device later.

There is High VG E-liquid And Not so High VG!!

E-liquid is primarily made up of PG and VG (you can read my e-liquid guide here), generally speaking high VG e-liquid is regarded as any e-liquid containing more than 50% VG. It is this e-liquid that produces the large clouds of vapour that some vapes produce. There is no need to concern yourself, as a beginner, what level of VG content you should buy,  If you are just starting out with and MTL device 50/50 e-liquid is ideal for that style of vaping.

Nicotine Content!!

This is a bit more tricky. One are that leads back to the tobacco cigarettes is being given the wrong advice on which nicotine content to use. nicotine content in e-liquids ranges from 0mg to 20mg in a 10ml bottle (though 18 is commonly the highest). When just atarting adn asking for advice many are given the wrong advice, basically either too low a nictine level or too high. If it is too low you will not get the Nicotine hit to satisfy that craving, if it is too high you will get a harshness on yoru throat and possible dizzines making the e-cigarette an uncomfortable experience, in both cases often leads to the user going back to cigarettes. In my experience if yoru smoking 20 or more a day you should be on at least 12mg Nicotine, any lower than 20 then you should consider starting with 6mg nicotine. Also you can experiment, a lot of shops including this website offer bundle prices, for example here we have 5 for a tenner on UV2 E-liquids, this allows you to buy different strengths and try them. Also if you find, for example, 18 is too harsh but 12 is not getting you enough Nicotine, mix them. There is no harm in mixing your e-liquids as long as you remember to give them a good shake after. 

Different E-cigarette Types:

Pod Systems

Pod systems are relatively new in terms of becoming main stream. And there are two types of pod systems, just to confuse matters, the original is that you buy a pod with e-liquid in it and place it into your pod device. This is popular because they are generally small, discreet devices that will slip into a pocket or handbag easily. The other type is a device that has its own internal refillable tank, again small and discreet and a much greater choice of e-liquids.

Pen Style E-Cigarette

Probably the most popular of all starter kits, and where most people started out. These are generally easy to use and small and neat. These are cheap to buy and easy to use. they do have a tight draw and can lack in flavour but are regarded as an ideal starter option.

E-Cigarette Starter Kits

There are many other options as starter kits, ranging from about £20 to about £40. They tend to be the next step up front he Pen Style E-Cigarette, they tend to give you more flavour as they will have abetter quality coil and airflow, but they are mostly still very easy to use and small and discreet, such as the Aspire Breeze 2. The more expensive starter kits will have variable wattage and/or interchangeable tanks, and again this is something you might progress onto at a a later date.

Sub Ohm Kits And High Wattage Mods

Exactly!! As a beginner you don't need to know about this type of kit just yet, this is the domain of the more experienced vaper, something you can look into and experiment with when you are feeling more confident with vaping and e-cigarette usage in general. 

In Summary

I find that when people tell me they tried e-cigarettes and went back to the stinkies, it is usually because they were given bad advice to begin with and were not told about the pitfalls of e-cigarette usage. for example you might get the odd leak and you will have to replace your coils on a regular basis, or given wrong kit and/or wrong e-liquid to start with. all of these can lead to someone going back to cigarettes. If you start using e-cigarettes with the correct knowledge in your head you can then be prepared for the pitfalls. For example a man came into my shop. he had bought an e-cigarette elsewhere and it had suddenly stopped working after just 4 weeks. He was going to throw it in the bin and buy a packet of cigarettes when he saw my shop. I quickly tested it and concluded that coil had burnt out and needed replacing. We did this and he was amazed at how much better it tasted, for the last week or so of the old coil he had been getting a burning taste, I explained all about the coil and why they needed replacing, and when they needed replacing. He is still to this day using an e-cigarette!!

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