Are E-cigarettes Safe, San Francisco Thinks Not!!

Posted by Peter Nelson on

The city of San Francisco has just banned the sale of e-cigarettes. They are basing this on the fact that "kids" are taking up vaping!! Clearly the powers that be in San Francisco are morons and probably in the pockets of Big Tobacco companies and basically corrupt. 

This maybe a bit of an extreme view but I cant think of another reason why they would do this. 

It has been proven time and again that e-cigarettes are far safer than the tobacco equivalent, in addition there is no actual evidence that "kids" are vaping!! And even if they are surely that is safer than taking up actual smoking.

Ok so the argument is that e-cigarettes are a gateway to hard drugs, again where is the evidence? there is none. So again I go back to the officials that make these decisions are at best ill informed or just plain corrupt!!

When you inhale using an e-cigarette you are simply inhaling water vapour and some flavouring. The flavourings are food standard quality, add in a bit of nicotine to help you wean off the cigarettes and you have an e-cigarette.

Many studies and more and more longer term studies are showing that e-cigarette usage is far safer than tobacco cigarettes. So if kids are taking this up, far better than taking up cigarettes. In addition the argument that this is a gateway to actual cigarettes and worse is nonsense, who in there right mind would swap strawberry for tobacco flavour? I am being flippant but quite frankly why would they? 

Seriously this all smacks of yet another political power that has been adversely informed and affected by big tobacco companies, and shame on them!!

If the politicians of San Francisco genuinely believe this rubbish then they need to do further research, or worse if they are on the take then they should be ashamed of themselves for putting financial gain ahead of the public health!!

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