Are You Buying Fakes?

Posted by Peter Nelson on

You just have to watch various programmes on television to see how many products are counterfeited these days.

The E-Cigarette industry is no different. I have come across many fake kits and mods online, especially it seems SMOK. And yet people buy them by the hundreds because they are cheap. Most people seem to be willing to ignore the fact they are dangerous to save a few pounds. Madness!! These devices are the type that will blow up in your pocket, or worse, your face. Not only can they do damage to you and people around you, when you buy these you are funding criminals. In addition they give the vaping industry a bad name as many people don't realise the difference.

In fact one major manufacturer has just released a statement denouncing the counterfeit products. SMOK have never ever produced E-liquid, and yet in this announcement they are condemning the fact that there logo is being used on E-liquid as if it is made by SMOK. It isn't!!

More than ever you need to be careful, these are products that relate directly to your health and wellbeing. The people that make and sell them couldn't care less about your health, they are just after making a quick buck! You should only be using products that are regulated and legal.

You might pay more for the product, but you can be assured they are manufactured to the highest standards when you do. All of the products on this website are authentic, and fully TPD compliant. All are sourced from authorise UK distributors.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime for further advice.

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