Are You Ready For TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) Compliance?

Posted by Peter Nelson on

On the 20th May the laws in the UK will change to restrict and regulate the4 Vaping Industry. What does this mean for you?

On the surface not a lot actually. You will still be able to buy your E-liquids, still be able to buy vaping kits, mods and tanks. So why the fuss about it? And is it a good thing?

The fuss mainly seems to be coming from experienced vapers and dodgy sellers as far as I can tell. The main issue centres around E-liquid being regulated, this means that, for experienced vapers they are restricted to buying Nicotine in 10ml bottles now. Seems a bit silly to restrict the size of the bottles but it is what it is. Combine this with the fact that manufacturers now have to have there E-liquid tested by Government laboratories, this bit means that a lot of smaller manufacturers will go out of business as they wont be able to afford the cost of the testing, so experienced vapers are annoyed they might not be able to get hold of there favourite juice anymore. The dodgy sellers out there, this includes unscrupulous vape shops, wont be able to sell there home made E-liquids any more making enormous profits by filling them full of junk!!

My take on this, is tough, I would rather inhale a vapour into my lungs that had been tested to ensure that it is safe, than something knocked up in a garden shed full of chemicals!! As for the bottle size, yes I agree that seems a bit silly but that is the way it is and we just have to adapt, not only consumers but retailers as well. Yes some of the laws seem silly to us but they are here and nothing we can do about it. I for one would not buy from a retailer who tried to flout the law and carry on selling non compliant products. This simply asks the question about the whole way they operate there business. If they are ignoring the new laws then how legitimate are the products they are selling, are there E-liquids full of nasty chemicals? Are there mods and tanks real or fake? It is these types of people that are giving the industry a bad name and adding fuel to the argument that people use shouting for vaping to be banned.

There are other issues surrounding TPD including tank size and leaking etc but the 2 I have mentioned above seem to be the most emotive. TPD is here soon so, I for one am ready in my shop and online, so my advice is embrace it as it is not going away anytime soon.


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