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Owner of this website and blogger, well I am now since I started this website! Here to help and advise as best I can. Been selling vape products for over 3 years now from my shop in County Durham, England. I like to think I have become a bit of an expert but like most experts I don't know it all, so always happy to learn more.

One of the most common problems customer bring into the shop is a leaking tank. While it is common there are steps you can take to avoid leakages, here are a few:

1. Fill Your Tank Properly

By far the easiest way to cause a leakage. Whether your tank is top fill or bottom fill, all tanks have an air tube, or "chimney" that runs up the centre of the tank. Make sure your liquid does NOT enter this chimney, this is for exhaust gases or vapour. You fill your tank down the side of this chimney and do not overfill.

2. Check Your O Rings

Probably the most common reason I find. The O ring creates the seal. If it breaks, usually from over tightening, or is not fitting correctly, your tank will leak. So check them, make sure they are fitting properly and not damaged. In fact check they are there at all, I have seen some that are just missing. O rings can be replaced in most tanks, and be aware that your coil will also have an O ring so check that to.

3. Check The Seal

Similar to checking your O rings except here we are looking at the threads. First do not over tighten, just make sue the tank has a snug fit in all the joints including the connection to the battery/mod. Check that there is no cross threading, and again DO NOT over tighten. I have had tanks in my shop that I have had to remove with pliers, and in every case the tanks are leaking as well.

4. Keep Your Tank Upright

Easier said than done. We keep these devices in pockets, handbags, etc. They get knocked over and dropped. As a rule though, try and keep it upright, or vertical. They are not designed to be lying on there side, and this will cause leakage. So where possible keep upright and if its not being used for a while take the tank off.

5. Check For Damage

Again sounds simple but check for damage, especially cracks in the glass. You only need the smallest of cracks or chips and the E-liquid will leak out. Remember this juice has the viscosity of oil so will find its way out if there is one.

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