CBD, What Is It? Is It Legal? Can It Help?

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In this blog I will try and explain the basics of Canabidiol, or CBD for short.

Before I begin please note I am not medically trained, all of the information here is gleaned from research across various sources. 

What Is It?

In this blog I am not going to explain the actual chemical make up of CBD. In short Canabidiol is derived from the Cannabis family of plants. The big difference is that unlike Marijuana, the plants that CBD is extracted from do NOT have any THC in them (or at least a minimal amount), predominantly used is industrial Hemp, one of the most popular crops grown across the globe. Bottom line is you CANNOT get high from CBD, nor is it addictive. As it is derived from a plant, CBD is a perfectly natural product, as a result it will not harm you bu the health benefits could be just what you need.

Is It Legal?

Well yes, in a nutshell. Even high street chains are selling it now. As CBD contains no THC it does not come under the laws governing banned substances. 

And Onto The Health Benefits

This is where it gets a bit more tricky. Research into the health benefits of CBD is still in its early stages. This is largely due to Big Pharna not wanting to do the research, after all why buy Paracetamol if you can grow a plant in your greenhouse that does exactly the same thing. So up until now it tends to be charities and the NHS who are doing the research but with limited funds available. 

What research has been done is starting to prove what many people have been claiming for many years. That is the Cannabis plant has several health benefits. I tend to ignore some of the more extreme claims such as cure for cancer! Though there are many claims that CBD can aid in the treatment of Cancer and many other ailments and most of the advice coming out of the NHS is that, well it cant do any harm to at least try it. Please note though, no one including me, is saying give CBD a try in place of any medication your Doctor might subscribe, always follow medical advice first, but certainly alongside prescribed medication CBD can help. 

The main, most proven benefits seem to be the following:

I have been informed that I am not allowed to actually make any health claims!! Even though these products are now being prescribed on the NHS!!

But feel free to try it, certainly won't do you any harm and you may just find that it helps, even in a small way.

Health Risks

High doses of CBD can cause drowsiness and a dry mouth, however if you moderate your intake you will find that there are no other side effects. If you are on prescribed medication please consult your Doctor to ensure that any CBD product you are intending to take will have no affect on your medication. 

How Much Should You Take?

Most CBD is sold in oil, capsule, or additive form. You will see figures like 250mg CBD or 500mg CBD in a product. Basically you can buy a 10ml bottle of CBD Oil with 250mg CBD in or 1000mg CBD in it. If you are unsure which one to go for to start out, try at a lower level, usually around 250mg CBD, and if you find benefits and no side effects, feel free to buy a higher CBD content product next time. 

In conclusion CBD is nothing to be afraid of and will not do you any harm and can have huge benefits. The only thing to stress at this stage is always consult your Doctor if you are usinf prescribed medication. Other than that many of is can use CBD to help ease many different medical issues we might have. 



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