Cloud, or not to Cloud?

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Producing cloud has become almost a hobby for some people. When you see someone vaping and there is this huge amount of vapour coming from them, then this is cloud. Referred to as cloud due to looking like a cloud and also it is simply water vapour.

Generally it is your more experienced vaper that will want to produce large cloud. What if your a beginner and want to produce cloud, well there are a number of things to consider:

First consider Nicotine in take. When you inhale all that vapour you are also inhaling the nicotine that is in it, and because there is a very large amount of vapour, you will also get a large amount of nicotine in your system. Some people when starting to vape like this, especially straight to lung, can experience dizziness or even headaches. These can be symptoms of too much nicotine, (if they persist stop vaping and visit a doctor) so you need to reduce that immediately. So check the strength of the E-liquid you are vaping, you want a maximum of 6mg, preferably less. Even if your on 3mg you can dilute it down to maybe 1.5mg, or even 0mg nicotine is even better. In addition a lot of vapers who vape in this way have more than one setup, one for big cloud and straight to lung, and another setup for more sedate vaping maybe even mouth to lung. Most people don't like to vape huge cloud constantly.

The other consideration is cost and setup. You cant just spend say, £50 on kit then expect to produce large cloud. It generally takes some experimentation to get it just right for you. Everyone is different, so what works for one person may not sit well with someone else. Generally speaking you will need high power mod and low resistant coil, typically less than 1ohm. Some people use mods up to 200watts and beyond with sub ohm tanks, or even drippers!! Yep it start to get complicated with terminology and different ways of vaping to get that all important cloud. Because what works for one person as an enjoyable experience, may not work for someone else is where the experimentation comes into it. This can add to the overall cost, you might, for example, buy a tank in for £30 and find its not for you, and you cant just take it back and get your money back once it has been opened and used.

So why cloud with all these problems. Well the main reason is flavour. Most high VG liquids and premium liquids perform best when doing this type of vaping, so for maximum flavour people are willing to experiment and learn. The other reason, which is becoming more common, is the "cool" factor. It has become something cool to do. People come in my shop and ask me how do I get big cloud? They never ask how do I get maximum flavour? So it has almost become a hobby for a lot of people.

In summary if you think producing big cloud is for you, great, but be aware of the pit falls and hazards, and as long as you can manage these it is perfectly safe. Enjoy!!

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