Common Mistakes People Make When Just Starting To Vape

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Now, more than ever, there are so many options available to anyone wanting to take up an e-cigarette and start vaping. Most people take it up to help give up smoking but it can be very daunting trying to decide where to start. 

Below I am going to list some of the mistakes that new vapers make when choosing kit and e-liquid, and some mistakes they make while using the kit.

1. Buying the wrong kit. Unfortunately this is usually down to bad advice, either from experienced vapers, like mate or relative, or even worse from a shop. Buy something simple, a nice starter kit, but not too cheap. The cheap kits from supermarkets and garages can provide a really harsh throat hit and really put you off e-cigarettes. The kits I tend to recommend are things like the Aspire Breeze 2 or the Innokin T18. These are easy to use and give good flavour, great starter kits and they wont break the bank.

2. Getting wrong e-liquid. This can be a problem as well, again usually down to bad advice. If you have too much Nicotine you will get a strong throat hit and cough your guts up, too little and you will not get the Nicotine hit you need to help you resist picking up an e-cigarette. If your a really heavy smoker you might want to start with 18mg Nicotine, a light smoker might start with 6mg or even 3mg. The trick is to slowly drop your Nicotine level and wean yourself off the Nicotine addiction, until eventually dropping down to 0mg Nicotine. The other issue with e-liquid is the PG/VG mix. Many people think they have to buy high VG e-liquid when just starting out, this is nonsense. A 50/50 mix is perfect for beginners and starter kits. A thicker liquid where there is 70% VG for example is no good for starter kits and will not give you a pleasant experience and will simply burn out your coils quickly.

3. Inhaling Wrong. What I mean by this is that a lot of people try to initially use an e-cigarette the same way as they smoke, but it isn't and quite often they will end up coughing a lot. With a cigarette you tend to use a strong short suck on the cigarette and inhale. With your new e-cigarette use a gentler suck and longer, so it is a slow suck then a slow inhale. This way you will get the Nicotine hit you need and wont get too much vaper at the back of your throat. Be aware it might take a few days to get used to it moving straight from cigarettes but it will be worth it.

4. Sub Ohm Kit. Don't worry about what Sub Ohm means at this stage, just don't buy it. Again bad advice leads a lot of new e-cig users to buy expensive Sub Ohm kits. These kits are designed for vapers who are experienced and know how to use them properly. They produce large amounts of vaper, or clouds, yet many shops sell new vapers who just want to quit smoking this type of kit. The problem is they produce so much vaper that unless you know how to use them you will have a very unpleasant experience. Stick to starter kits that I mentioned earlier.

5. Burning Out Your Coil. When  you buy a new starter kit and start using it many people do not realise that after a while the coil will burn out. They then think that there e-cigarette is rubbish or faulty and quite often pick up a cigarette and back to the fags!! Most of the time it is just your coil that has burnt out. Typically in a starter kit a coil will last about 4 weeks and needs to be replaced. In the starter kits on the is website all the coils can be replaced and purchased seperately. You will know your coil needs replacing when you start to get a burning taste in your mouth or your e-cigarette simply stops producing vaper when you hit the fire button. Simply take the old coil out, replace it and it will work as new. Just remember to always have at least on spare coil handy.

6. Cotton Mouth. Using an e-cigarette can make your mouth feel dry. This is simply becasue vaping can dehydrate your mouth when you first take it up. Simply drink water and you will be fine, until your body adjusts to your new e-cigarette usage.

7. Clean Your Kit. Like everything we use on a regular basis your e-cigarette tank will need cleaning on a regular basis. I would recommend you do this every time you change your flavour of e-liquid or every time you change your coil. If you look after your tank you will get many months of usage out of it.

8. Switch It Off!! When your e-cig is stored in your pocket, your handbag, your desk or just left unattended. Switch it off. This is important for safety and battery usage. If you leave it on and the fire button is pressed for a long time accidentally your battery can actually explode through thermal runaway, or alternatively it will run your battery down. Then when you go to use it your battery is dead. The worst thing is if you leave it in your pocket or bag the button will be pressed a lot and vaper will be produced as well as heat. So switch it off!! There is a reason that it takes 5 presses of the fire button to activate an e-cigarette, it is to stop them being powered on accidentally in your pocket. 

9. Running Out Of E-liquid. Sounds silly but a lot if new users forget to buy spare juice, so when they run out and there are no vape shops nearby they will go and buy a pack of cigarettes. As soon as you are down to your last bottle but some more immediately, it is a lot cheaper and healthier than buy a pack of cigarettes.

10. Charging. ONLY charge your new e-cigarette according to the manufacturers specifications and never use a mobile phone charger to charge your device. Your e-cigarette may have a standard looking USB charging port but it takes a different mAh rating to other electronic devices, so always err on the side of safety and only use the charger supplied. 

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