Does Your E-cigarette Tank Leak And How Might You Fix It?

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In this blog and vlog I will try to explain why tanks leak and how to fix them, where possible. Most tanks will leak at some point and it may be that you have to replace the entire tank, but some can be fixed and those fixes can be very simple in some cases, saving you have to fork out for a new tank.

So what can cause leaking?

There are really only some simple reasons why a tank might leak, and for the purpose of this blog I am assuming build quality is not one of them.!

Physical Damage

Easier than  you think to damage your tank, in particular crack the glass. Simply drop it, sit on it, crush it in a bag or pocket etc. Sometimes you might not even realise you have done any damage, many people come in my shop and say "I have never dropped it", you don't have to drop it to damage it. Most of the time its the glass that gets damaged. Though I have seen bent tanks before. 

The fix for this is to replace the tank, check with your retailer or email cloudvapinguk to check if there is a spare glass replacement for your model of tank, most of the major brands will have replacement glass but only for the more expensive tanks. 

Not Fitted Properly

This is probably the most common reason I get for leaking tanks, but the easiest to fix. You simply didn't tighten it enough. All tanks need to be tightened properly or they won't seal properly, allowing e-liquid to run out of it. The problem here is you must not over-tighten or you can damage the seals (talking about this next), so I nice snug fit is best.

The fix for this is to simply make sure you tighten the coil and tank properly, but only with your fingers. DO NOT use pliers!! If you over-tighten you can cause more damage.

Damage To Seal

The seals, or 'O' rings are what make tanks e-liquid proof. These seals are generally made from neoprene, if they get damaged or come loose the seal will not work and the tank will leak. They can get damaged by over-tighten or by getting grit in when you tighten it up. Once they are damaged they cannot be repaired and must be replaced, again for most major brand tanks you can buy replacement seals for them in small packs. Simply ask if not sure. 

The fix here is to replace the seal. Cheaper tanks and clearomisers won't have replacements available but the more expensive tanks will, so ask the question before throwing your tank away. especially if you love using it.

Badly Fitting Seal.

Sometimes the seal is not damaged but is not sitting right on the tank and when you screw everything together it gets caught up and is not doing it's job. 

The fix here is to simply examine all the seals until you find the one that is out of place and push it back into place. Tighten up your tank and all should be ok.

For the better quality tanks out there there is a fix usually, and it is usually a simple task to repair or do some simple maintenance to keep your tank from leaking. If all else fails, and/or replacement parts are not available for your tank, throw it in the bin. But when you go to buy a new one, ask the question about availability of spares and replacement parts, might just save you a few quid in the future!!

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