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When you are starting out, just thinking about maybe switching to e-cigarettes from cigarettes it can now be a bit daunting as to which e-cigarette kit you should buy. So below I am going to try and explain the pros and cons of each type and give you some examples, starting with the cheapest then up to the more expensive.

Basic Starter Kit

There are now several types of starter kits on the market. The first and most recognisable is the pen style kit. Such as the Innokin Endura T18E.

innokin endura t18e starter kit e-cigarette vape supplie suk

These are very good for switching from cigarettes. First they are relatively inexpensive, secondly because they are a mouth to lung (MTL) device. This means that they mimic how you smoke a cigarette. In the sense that you take a draw and then inhale. These are also very easy to use.

All In One Starter Kit 

The all in one starter kit is my preferred recommendation when someone comes into my shop. The reason for this is that they tend to be easier to use than the basic starter kit and a bit more sturdy as they don't have a separate Clearomizer like the pen style kits do. A very popular all in one kit is the Aspire Pockex.

asoire pockex starter kit all in one e-cigarette vape supplies uk

These e-cigarettes are also MTL, so again a very good substitute for the cigarette. Also being only slightly more expensive than the pen style kits these are great as I believe they last longer and are more robust.

Advanced Starter Kit

What I mean by advanced starter kits is what is commonly termed as a "mod", these devices are more complicated than the two above, but are still classed as starter kits. For example a good starter kit that will grow with your own needs once you start vaping is the Aspire Zelos Kit.

aspire zelos kit nautilus 2 tank e-cigarette starter kit vape supplie suk

An e-cigarette like this is more sophisticated, for example you can change the settings in several different ways. In this form this form the Aspire Zelos is still a MTL kit but, because it has up to 50Watts power, put a different tank(all tanks now have standard fitting) on and it becomes a straight to lung (STL) kit. So even though this is still a starter kit, it can grow with you as your needs change so is much more versatile than the more basic start kits. The only downside is it is slightly more difficult to use and you need to spend a little time getting to know how to get the best out of a kit like this. 

Advanced Kit

Advanced kits are similar in style and usage to the Aspire Zelos above. The main difference is they are a lot more powerful, up to 300Watts, and they are generally STL types. That aside the functionality on terms of how you use them is exactly the same as the advanced starter kit.

A popular example is the SMOK Alien Kit

smok alien kit e-cigarette vape supplies uk

This type of kit is a lot more advanced. Not only in power and the variation of the settings, but also versatility to be able to take everything in terms of coils and tanks. With this type of kit you really can have the setup that suits your style of vaping, with a lot of experimentation of course.

There are more devices available, like Mech Mods, but that is another blog. The aim of this one was to explain the different types available to beginners. I personally would not recommend an advanced kit to a beginner, but some people do buy them to start vaping, so I included them in this write up. 

Since there is a lot of kits available, if your still unsure please feel free to contact us for further information.

Here is a video describing different types of starter kits.

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