E-Cigarettes Where Do You Start?

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E-cigarettes Where to start.


I get a lot of people coming into my shop who have bought some sort of kit from a shop/online and they have been sold completely the wrong product for them.

Part of the problem is some Vape shop owners/workers tend to sell someone what they like to use, the other problem is when you have a mate who has been vaping for a while, again advises you to buy some sort of high end kit, because that's what they use and it works for them. All of these people forget that they started out using a pen style E-cigarette.

This is a problem for me because some of the kit that people are buying when they first start is up to £100 and is fairly useless to a beginner, they simply don't know how to use it, and are usually buying the wrong E-liquids for it. What then happens is the person who got bad advice usually ends up going back to tobacco cigarettes.


Its a little bit like going into Curry's to buy a TV for your kitchen and the salesman tries to sell you a 50" TV because he has one and thinks they are brilliant. He hasn't listened to what you want or need. Don't get me wrong I think a lot of these people have there heart in the right place, they just think that everyone should vape the way that they do.


This type of bad advise usually stems from the fact that Vape shops are largely run by people who have been vaping for a long time.


So where do you start. Well first of all do your research. Don't just buy from the first shop you go into, and certainly don't listen to your mates. Shop around, do research online. Look at the different types of E-cigarettes that are available. Look into the different types of E-liquid. And just like buying a TV or a car, work out what is best for you, ultimately it is first and foremost a method to help you quit smoking, clouds and flavour can come later when you are more confident. The most important aspect of it is, ASK questions!!


What you want to avoid is spending £50 on a vaping kit then find that you dont know how to use it or struggle with finding the right E-liquid, then you discover you have to replace the coils and you walk into a newsagents and buy a pack of 20!!


All because you were sold the wrong kit in the first place.


Below I have detailed some basic information to help you in your research.


  1. There are different types of E-cigarettes, aimed at users with different needs and requirements. Make sure you ask questions to ensure you get the right one for you.

  2. Ensure you get the correct E-liquid for the E-cigarette you are buying and the type of smoking you are used to doing. No point in buying 3mg Nicotine strength if your a 40 a day smoker.

  3. Ask about on going costs. So many people come in to my shop and ask about why they are suddenly getting a burning taste. Turns out the shop that sold it to them didn't tell them they need to change the coils on a regular basis.

  4. Are the people you are buying from happy to help you and support you with correct advice going forward? Or are they only interested in making a quick buck then onto the next one, again do your research ask online of anyone has bought from your retailer, talk to them, do they seem helpful and friendly? Or can they not be bothered and are only interested in blowing large clouds? In other words look for shops that are professional in there approach rather than filling there shops full of clouds!

  5. Remember, be cautious, when you are buying these devices you are going to be inhaling vapour into your lungs and using rechargeable batteries, you need to be comfortable that the person giving you advice is giving you the right advice!

In conclusion buying E-cigarettes is like buying any other product you would buy, there are some good ones and bad ones, there are also professional retailers and some that are not so professional. Here at cloudvapinguk.co.uk we are always available to advise you as best we can, but don't just take our word for it ask around and you will come to your own decisions about which starter kit is right for you. Good luck on your vaping journey, done right you can quit smoking and enjoy some fantastic flavours at the same time. 

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