How Does An E-cigarette Work And Should You Be Afraid?

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Firstly all e-cigarettes work in the same basic way. No matter how big or sophisticated looking a device is, they all work in the same simple way. And no, you shouldn't be afraid of them as they are simple to use, especially starter kits.

I am not going to delve into the differences of different kits here, this blog is about the simplicity of how an e-cigarette works. So for the purpose of this I am going to use an Aspire Pockex as the example. The reason I am using the Pockex is that it is a very popular starter kit.

aspire pockex starter kit ecigarette for elqiuid

As you can see from this diagram the e-cigarette is basically a battery that has a tank on top. The rechargeable battery has a fire button for activation and that is all. No other buttons or settings needed. The U-tech coil sits on top of the battery and connects to it. The coil is stuffed full of cotton and holds the e-liquid ready for you to inhale it. The rest of the diagram bits are to hold the e-liquid in place. So when you press the fire button, that activates the battery which heats up the coil. That generated heat vaporises the e-liquid that is held in the cotton and you simply take a draw. 

So in this example the coil is cylindrical, however coils can come is all sorts of shapes and sizes, but they all work exactly the same way. 

aspire pockex starter kit ecigarette for eliquid uk free delivery

All e-cigarettes work in exactly the same way from pen style kits up to the most powerful mods. For a beginner a kit like the one above is easy to use and simple to take apart and put back together so this type of kit is great for a beginner. The coil above is another example of one, so while similar to the Pockex coil is still different but the same rules apply it does need to be changed on a regular basis.

Here is a video tutorial on the very subject of this blog:


So in summary, no there is no need to be afraid of e-cigarettes they are very simple devices. 

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