How To Quit Smoking With Help From An E-cigarette! Part 1

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First of all you do NOT need a cigarette. It's what is inside the cigarette, the Nicotine, that you crave. In this blog I am going to explore how you can use an e-cigarette to help you put down the packet of cigarettes and help lead you to a healthier life.

5 Good Reasons To Give Up Cigarettes

Smoking kills, we all know that – we have done for years. According to Public Health England, vaping is 95% healthier than smoking. That is not to say it is without risks - nothing is. But for those that cannot or are unwilling to stop smoking, it is so much better to vape than to smoke. Plus, there is no second-hand smoke, so it is healthier for those around you, as well as yourself!

It can save you money. A packet of 20 cigarettes in the UK is approaching almost £10, if you smoke 20 a day then this will last you just one day, meaning you are spending £70 per week just on cigarettes. You can buy a starter kit for about £25.00 and a bottle of E-liquid for £2.00, after that you simply refill the starter kit with e-liquid and one bottle will last you the equivalent of 5 days of smoking at 20 a day, so the maths are simple, even if you go through 3 bottles a week, that is £6.00 per week as oppose to £70.00 saving you £54.00 per week!! Save the money up for a year and buy yourself something very nice with the savings!!

It tastes better, e-liquids come in all sorts of weird and wonderful flavours, and even  if you love the taste of tobacco, you can still buy tobacco flavoured e-liquid, as well as a myriad of dessert flavours, fruit flavours and many more!! 

There is a whole vaping community out there that you can join, all willing to help with your vaping experience, Facebook groups, Instagram, Snapchat, even expos to go to. And everyone involved in this community is will to help you quit smoking and stay off cigarettes with advice and support.

A cigarette is a cigarette, all that changes is the brand and slight flavour alterations. With e-cigarette usage you can explore a whole world of products, from starter kits to Sub Ohm kits and tanks!! So you can never get bored. Many people do stick to a trusty starter kit but you also have the option to experiment with new kits and products and flavours, some people even make a hobby out of collecting new and shiny products!!

Public Health England Bullet Points

  • Vaping only poses a small health risk compared to cigarettes
  • Aprox. 20,000 people per year are quitting smoking with the help of e-cigarettes
  • Many thousands of smokers still incorrectly think vaping is as harmful as smoking
  • There is much confusion with many smokers believing it is the Nicotine that harms the body, it is NOT, Nicotine is relatively harmless
  • The evidence does not support the concern that e-cigarettes are a route into smoking among young people (youth smoking rates in the UK continue to decline, regular use is rare and is almost entirely confined to those who have smoked)

 Health Benefits

The health benefits of switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping have only recently been tested, mainly due to how short a time vaping has been around.  Public Health England recently made the statement that there is a 95% harm reduction in vaping vs smoking.

There are still over 8 million smokers in the UK. They need to know the benefits of switching to vaping. No smell on your clothes, increased health and best of all, it works. It works by addressing the triggers of a smoker. Hand to mouth action, visible ‘smoke’, nicotine hit - it’s all covered by vaping over the traditional cessation methods (93% failure rate on patches according to “Real-world efficacy of prescription and over-the counter nicotine replacement therapy” by Shiffman S, et. al., published May 2002 in Addiction, Issue 97(5) at Pages 505-516)

This first part of the guide covers the health benefits and cost benefits, in part 2 I will cover the different types of devices on the market and which one might be best for you. 

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