Is the Vaping Industry Going To Implode?

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The vaping industry has been around about 10 years now. In that time it has evolved at a frantic pace. As with all new industries it is not without controversy and concern, remember how mobile phones were going to fry our brains? So all new industries come with concerns, but is the Vaping industry going to implode due to it being hijacked by people that are misrepresenting the industry and are helping to fuel that the debate against E-cigarettes? I am talking about the people within the industry that seem to have forgotten how and why vaping started in the first place, to give people an alternative to smoking cigarettes. 

You only have to look up YouTube reviews on vaping equipment to see men and women doing reviews of all types of hardware and E-liquids. This, in general, should be a good thing but I have noticed a worrying trend towards hyping up the industry in a bad way. A lot of the reviewers are very professional however there are more and more that are presenting in such a way that it makes vaping look trendy and hip. They are easy to spot they are the presenters with baseball caps on back to front and huge gold chains akin to being a "gangsta rapper" and this worries me. You could just call me old but I have nothing against anyone wearing a baseball cap, however there is a certain cool factor associated with this type of presenting, which seems to forget that the E-cigarette was initially brought out to help people stop smoking.

There is no need for it and the issue for me is that these types of presenters are clearly aimed at kids. By making vaping trendy there is going to be more people, especially youngsters, attracted to vaping who have never smoked. I am seeing more of them coming into my shop young men asking about vaping kits so they can produce huge clouds, when I ask how much they smoke they reply, "I don't, I just want to produce clouds" This type of behaviour is exactly what the anti vaping lobbyists are looking for as ammunition against vaping. 

So why do they do it, well the only conclusion I can come to is they try to diiferentiate themselves from other reviewers, of which there are a lot, however this could be a self destruct trend, if vaping is further regulated they could all find themselves vaping fresh air.

In addition this type of hype is spreading into shops. They are employing vapers who can do tricks and are putting on shows etc. ignoring the fact the even today 80% of people who take up vaping do so to quit smoking. If the industry carries on in this trend then I can only foresee that further regulation will be forced up on the industry and a lot of people may well find themselves out of work as a result, and the only people they will blame will be politicians, instead of looking at themselves!!


As a follow up to this blog Is The Vaping Industry Going To Implode I found this piece by Karen Musselman of blogging website which kind of shows what I was talking about in this blog.

Have a look here and see what you think Vaping Culture And Stereotypes   

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