Is Vaping Safe? Is The Media Being Fair?

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This is a piece written by William Dobson,

There has been a lot in the news recently about electronic cigarettes and their safety we thought we would help try and clear some of these stories up. The latest in a long line happened over the last few days stating the UK's FIRST VAPE DEATH, now the first thing to keep an eye on here and something they are putting in very small print or not at all in most articles is that this is not recent, the man in question died in 2010 and had vaped for 8 months after a lifetime of smoking, he also worked for many years in a resin and glass factory and his coroners report had an open verdict. This is not the UK's FIRST VAPE DEATH this is finger-pointing and bad journalism trying to get on the bandwagon and point an unproved link from 2010, which was 9 years ago. Many of us have vaped happily and KNOW how much better we feel.

The difference between America and the UK's stance.
Nearly all of the problems in the USA are proved to have been caused by vaping illegal THC filled cartridges (what gets you high in cannabis) with a thickening agent known as Vitamin E Tocopheryl-acetate. The FDA have admitted this now and have released a statement. Vitamin E Tocopheryl-acetate is used in black-market THC e-liquid as a cheap way of diluting the THC without thinning the viscosity, which makes it suitable for vaping. Yet the USA blame vaping this is akin to banning microwaves because someone decides to microwave their metal cutlery and it blows up, it's not the microwave that's at fault (the delivery method) it's what people are putting in it.

UK NHS VS America and the MSA.
In the UK we pay our taxes and have the NHS (National Health Service). Tobacco-related deaths cause the NHS a fortune each year and as so they want to cut this cost by advising and promoting electronic cigarettes as a much healthier alternative. Whereas in the USA the health service is nearly entirely private which means people vaping and not smoking costs them a fortune as the number of health issues goes down. They also have the Master Settlement Agreement (MSA). Any decrease in cigarette sales means less money for the individual states because the major tobacco companies are contractually obliged to split their profits with the US government. Hence, they are very wary of e-cigarettes becoming too popular.

PHE Public Health England's Stance

PHE are standing strong behind their findings that e-cigarettes are 95% safer than smoking tobacco. Hitting back at claims that smokers are better off avoiding vaping, NHS Professor John Newton said: 'Vaping has helped hundreds of thousands of smokers to quit tobacco, It isn't risk-free but it is far less harmful than smoking. It would be tragic if smokers who could quit with the help of an e-cigarette did not do so because of false fears about their safety.'

Is Vaping 100% safe

Its never claimed to be 100% Safe but it is 95% safer than smoking and that's what we all need to remember. In the UK there are over 200 tobacco deaths PER DAY. If you can quit then its best to quit as with anything, but for most of us that's not an option and we choose the healthier alternative! Most of us have forgotten the poor shape we were in when we made the switch and how much better we felt after starting to vape. Keep this in mind and if you can quit of course quit but if not then stay smart!

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