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In this video I try to explain and show the two distinctly different vape styles. Mouth to lung (MTL) and straight to lung (STL also referred to as DTL direct to lung). The reason for this is that I was myself slightly bemused as to why or at what point, someone may move from MTL to STL. I say this because that vast majority of e-cigarette users start out with MTL devices, in fact most starter kits on the market are MTL devices. This is because MTL most mimics how you use a traditional cigarette.  The reason I was bemused is because MTL does typically give you better flavour from e-liquid than STL does. This is because in MTL you hold the vapour in  your mouth for a short time before inhaling, giving your taste buds a chance to soak up the flavour, whereas STL is straight over your tongue and directly into your lungs not giving much chance for the flavour to get into your taste buds. So if the flavour is better why move over to STL?

Well this is what I wondered, so I decided to experiment a little. I got two tanks, the Aspire Nautilus 2 and the SMOK Spirals tank. I put exactly the same e-liquid in them and alternated between the two. 

What I discovered from this very unscientific test was that actually, there is very little difference in taste, though the MTL option was giving me more flavour at first, the more I used the STL option the more the flavour seemed to come through. I also discovered that there is a certain satisfaction from STL that you don't get with MTL, and this satisfaction is difficult to put into words. Make no mistake though there is a certain satisfaction from producing huge clouds that isn't present with MTL.

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