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Posted by Peter Nelson on

I have been selling vaping products for 3 years now. In that time I have seen a massive increase in the amount of fakes and clones on the market. These seem to be especially prevalent on websites such as Ebay and Amazon. You must be careful. These products are not going to be manufactured to UK standards or CE certified (even if they claim to). I looked up SMOK Alien on Ebay as part of the research for this blog, I found dozens of fakes. they all seem to be Ok but when you look closely at the bundles and strip away some of the costs (free postage is not free it still has to be paid for) including Ebay/Paypal fees you are looking at a product that has been bought in for £30 LESS than a retailer like us can buy it in direct from the manufacturer/UK distributor. So I spoke to SMOK direct, well via skype, and they confirmed that these products are indeed fake but there is little they can do about it. As soon as an advert is taken down another one pops up.

So you have to remember these devices are going into your mouth, they are going into your pockets and handbags! Don't be duped by silly prices, they are silly prices for a reason. Only buy your products from sellers you can easily get in touch with. At least then you have some recourse if anything goes wrong.

So please be aware of sellers who don't give a damn about your health or well being and are just trying to make a fast buck.

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