Short Fill E-liquids, What You Need to Know

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What are Short Fill E-liquids?

Basically these are bottles of E-liquid that contain NO nicotine. They are called short fill as manufactures will leave 10ml free in the bottle so you can add your own nicotine shot if you wish. Generally they are large bottles 50ml, 100ml, 120ml etc, and come in all types of flavour and designs. The manufacturers can do this due to the fact that they are 0mg nicotine they do not currently fall under the laws of TPD, which means they are not restricted to 10ml bottles. 

shortfill e-liquids for e-cigarette

Why Should You Buy Them?

In a nutshell you get more for your money. Typically a high VG 10ml TPD compliant e-liquid is aprox. £5.00, whereas a short fill can be about £15.00 but for 100ml e-liquid, so the cost per ml is far less, making your money go further. this is especially attractive to vapers who use high end, sub Ohm kit that produces lots of vaper and uses a lot of e-liquid. It helps that the manufacturing costs are less as they do not have to conform to TPD laws. In addition a lot of people think the flavours are better with short fill e-liquid and there is certainly a huge range of brands and flavours with weird and wonderful names, so there is a flavour out there for everybody.

Is There A Downside TO Short Fill?

At the moment the market seems flooded with this type of e-liquid, especially favoured by the cloud chaser type of vaper. There is a BUT. They are not TPD compliant. This means that, as a consumer, you have no way of knowing what is in them, ingredients used, or under what conditions they are manufactured. My belief is that they will be brought under TPD for this very reason and a lot of the smaller manufacturers will disappear as a result. In the meantime if you are looking for a better deal then short fill will fulfil that, if your looking for assurance of safety and health then stick to TPD compliant 10ml bottles.


Short fill is a very good way to help you make your money stretch a bit further, however the price to pay is that not all manufacturers are open about there ingredients or manufacturing conditions. With everything else if you do your homework you can stick to brands that are open and honest about there products, such as Nasty Juice or Vape Dinner Lady. Others are not so open (I wont name them) so maybe steer away from them. Basically for peace of mind TPD 10ml e-liquids are for you, however if your not to bothered about that then short fill will save you money, just make sure you know what your inhaling before you buy it, remember your putting stuff into your lungs and there is no point is quitting cigarettes to enhance your health if you use e-liquids that might be harmful. Personally I stick to 10ml TPD bottles, but then I am not a cloudchaser so I don't need to worry about cost too much.


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