Some Good News For Vapers!!

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Finally some good news for vapers and the vaping industry!

The UK government in conjunction with the medical profession have announced recently that they are going to put into place a plan to reduce smoking and reduce the amount of smokers in the UK. As part of this plan they want to further look at how e-cigarettes can help them achieve there goals.

They have further announced that, once Brexit is out of the way, they will review the TPD laws that currently restrict vaping products in the UK.

This does not mean, of course, that the laws will be completely reversed or even changed at all. In my opinion the best the industry can hope for is a relaxing in parts of the laws, for example the tank sizes might be relaxed. I very much doubt the laws will be changed for e-liquid as most in the industry agree that e-liquid should be regulated to make it as safe as possible to inhale.

Of course none of this will happen until after Brexit and that is still 2 years away yet, on top of that there will be a lot more important laws to sort out in the UK before tackling TPD or TRPR, so don't be holding your breath. However it is a step in the right direction and does indicate a shift in attitude among politicians.

In the US there seems to be a similar shift albeit a much more subtle one, with the FDA recently relaxing and delaying the cut off date for a review of e-cigarette usage in the US, if this trend continues in the US then it is possible that laws will be relaxed in a similar way to the UK 

All said and done, nothing is going to change in the short term, but the medium to long term is looking better and better for vapers!

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