Sub-Ohm Vaping, What Does It Mean?

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Whether you are new or experienced you will hear this term used a lot, especially among experienced vapers and/or if you have been watching some online review videos they talk about Sub-Ohm vaping a lot. But what does it really mean?

Well to put it simply it refers to any vaping done with a coil (remember that's the bit inside the tank that actually heats up and vaporizes your liquid) that is rated below 1ohm resistance. Now to explain this fully we need to talk about ohm's and joule's laws of electricity, but that would bore the pants of most people including me. So what I am going to do is try and explain why you would sub-ohm vape.

Now when you first start to vape you will notice that your coil needs to be replaced on a regular basis. With most starter kits the Clearomizer will typically take a 1.6 or 1.8 ohm coil or similar, ALL coils are rated by there Ohm Resistance. At this point there is a BUT, at first you probably just go into your local vape shop and ask for a coil, and they will happily sell you one. No mention of Ohm rating!! Most people just starting out just don't realise there are different Ohm rated coils. Here is an example of a basic coil that will fit most pen style starter kits, and as you can see it has 2 options 1.5 or 1.8 ohms.

So why would you make a conscious decision to Sub-Ohm vape. Well I find from my customers it is a natural progression. Some people might not even realise they are sub-ohm vaping. This happens when you have been using an E-Cigarette for a while and want to progress onto a device with higher specification that will allow you to vape higher quality E-Liquid and/or High VG E-liquid.

So why do you need to Sub-Ohm High VG liquids? To be simplistic VG liquids vaporize at a higher temperature that PG only liquids. When you have the lower resistance this allows the battery to heat the coil to a higher temperature. This also has the effect of producing a lot more vapour or "cloud" as some people refer to it. So when you see people producing huge clouds of vapour then they will be sub-ohm vaping. The main reason they do this, apart from showing off lol, is flavour!! And lots of it. High VG liquids will give you much nicer smoother flavours than PG liquids.

So why not use them from the start? Well there is a good reason for that. Because this type of vaping produces huge amounts of vapour they are made with low Nicotine content. If you had E-liquid that produced that much vapour and had 18% Nicotine content you would pass out from the hit because you would simply get far too much Nicotine into your system far too quickly. Most High VG liquids have a maximum strength of 6% Nicotine. When you first start out trying to quit smoking you need to wean yourself off the Nicotine addiction. You do this by starting with a high % Nicotine content in your E-liquid, typically 18%. Then you start to slowly reduce down until your weaned off the Nicotine addiction and your body no longer craves it. At this point you can start thinking about better flavours and smoother vapes. Now you can start to sub-ohm vape!!



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