Mouth To Lung Or Straight To Lung? That Is The Question!

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I still get a lot of people coming into my shop with kit bought elsewhere to help them stop smoking. The problem is they are generally sold high end kit that is no good for them. So below I am going to try and explain the different types of vaping and e-cigarettes that are available to a beginner.

The biggest problem I find is people being sold straight to lung (STL) kits, and then they struggle to actually quit the fags as they aren't getting what they need out of it. When you smoke a cigarette you do it by sucking (a drag) the smoke into your mouth then inhaling, in terms of an e-cigarette this is called mouth to lung (MTL). This is what you want to mimick when you first stop smoking as this is what your used to.  So here are your options and some differences:

1. A bog standard E-cigarette starter kit. 

pen style e-cigarette vape uk

This type of kit is what most people would start with. Easy to use and has a strong draw, in other words you have to suck just like a cigarette to get the vapour and nicotine inside you. Generally speaking you need to inhale more nicotine than you would with a tobacco cigarette to get the nicotine you crave for, however the point is it works in the same way in terms of a draw then inhale, so mouth to lung.

2. You could go for a more expensive starter kit. Known as a mod kit. 

aspire zelos kit nautilus 2 tank

You will see you have a much bigger "battery" section and bigger tank. This particular example is the Aspire Zelos Kit, a very popular mouth to lung kit. This type has variable wattage controls and is rated up to 50watts, as oppose to the pen style above that has no controls other than the fire button and can only vape at a fixed wattage (about 15watts), so you have much more control here. However the tank Aspire Nautilus 2 that comes with it is only rated at up to about 20Watts, as this is all you need for mouth to lung. You do have the option of putting on a higher rated tank if you did want to experiment with straight to lung. 

3. How do you tell the difference. Well simply the two types of tanks typically have a different mouthpiece.


smok tfv8 cloud beast tank vape ukaspire nautilus 2 tank vape uk

As you can see the tank on the left, Smok Cloud Beast, has a much wider mouthpiece than the tank on the right, the Aspire Nautilus 2. It also operates at a higher wattage/temperature producing a lot more vapour (or cloud as it is known). This wider bore better facilitates the straight to lung vaping style as it allows for a much greater volume of vapour to pass, if you tried to use this tank like you do a cigarette, i.e. mouth to lung, you would find it to be quite unpleasant. 

So don't be fooled into buying kit that is not right for you. Start with a mouth to lung kit and then progress later to straight to lung, if that is something you would like to explore but many vapers are happy just doing mouth to lung. Some people have two tanks, one of each style. They might use MTL in the morning to get the smoking sensation, then use STL tank for the rest of the day to more enjoy the flavours of there favourite E-liquid.


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