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When you first decide to quit smoking and switch to an E-Cigarette to aid you in this noble cause, which E-liquid should you choose first? There are millions out there to choose from.

The first thing to remember, like all industries this one has some cowboys as well. Make sure the E-liquid you are going to buy is UK regulated and TPD compliant

So start with, what is E-liquid. Well to put it simply its a flavoured oil type of liquid that you vaporize, inhale and is flavoured. In most cases it contains Nicotine and this Nicotine varies in its content, or strength. The new laws coming in May limit the amount if Nicotine in a bottle to 20%, though most manufacturers seem to be settling on an 18% content as there maximum strength. While 18% may be the maximum, this reduces down from there to 12, 6, 3 then 0. The idea being that, if your a heavy smoker, you start at 18, then slowly reduce your self down to wean yourself off the Nicotine addiction. Some smokers, who are light or social smokers, may choose to start at a lower Nicotine content. So the first step is to decide which Nicotine strength will be the right one for you. Like I say a rough guide, very heavy smokers start with 18% but if your not a heavy smoker, maybe try 12%, you can always step up if you feel your not satisfying your body's craving for Nicotine.

Ok so you have decided on the strength, what next? Well there are 2 types  of mainstream liquid, and you will hear these terms a lot. PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin). The most basic explanation, PG is a petroleum based liquid and VG is vegetable based. Both perfectly safe to Vape. The main difference is PG Vapes at a much lower temperature, so is good for any starter kit. VG needs a higher temperature to Vape, hence the vast majority of E-liquids are a mix of the 2. So again you will hear terms like 50/50 or 80/20 bandied about, these refer to the mix between VG/PG. Most people start off on PG E-liquid, this is because, generally speaking, high VG liquids are only manufactured with low Nicotine content (there are exceptions), and most beginners start out with a starter kit, and they are better at vaping PG liquids.

So your a beginner, your going for PG E-liquid and have settled on your Nicotine strength, what now? Well now just choose a flavour and enjoy. There are a huge amount of flavours, some straight forward, others complicated and amazing. Again a heavy smoker might opt for a tobacco flavoured E-liquid or juice as there also called, a lighter smoker may choose a fruit or maybe menthol, or how about rum & coconut? there really is something for everyone out there!! 

I have tried to give a rough guide to E-liquids, please bare in mind there are lots of variations on this, just to further complicate matters the Ultimate V2 E-liquids we sell have VG in them but will happily vape in any starter kit.

So if your still stuck or need clarification, feel free to contact us and ask.


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