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With the holidays coming up fast a lot of people are uncertain as to where, when and how they can travel with there E-cigarette and favourite E-liquid. I have scoured various UK based websites to provide the following information and I hope it is helpful.

As the popularity of electronic cigarettes has taken off in recent years, more and more people have been left uncertain as to the rules and regulations regarding travelling by air with their E-cigarettes and E-liquids. Indeed, many airlines and airports have only recently provided specific details on their policies. This guide aims to make the issues clearer.

However, it is important to note that rules and regulations can change at any time, so you may want to double check with your airport and airline before you travel if you are unsure about travelling with your E-cigarettes.

Using E-cigarettes In Airports

In a word the use of E-cigarettes has been banned inside all UK airport buildings. However a lot of airports will allow vaping in designated outside smoking/vaping areas. So if you need to have a final puff on your favourite vape simply check at information and they will, no doubt, point you in the direction of the nearest smoking area. 

Going Through Security

E-cigarettes must ONLY be carried in you hand luggage. They are strictly prohibited in your suitcase that goes in the hold. If you put your favourite, very expensive mod kit into your suitcase there is a good chance it will be removed and you may be in trouble, so ONLY carry your vaping kit in your hand luggage. In terms of E-liquid this comes under the same rules as all liquids. Maximum size bottle is 100ml and must be carried in a clear plastic bag with all other liquids.

Using E-cigarettes On Planes

As far as I can tell ALL airlines flying out of the UK ban the use of E-cigarettes on there flights. They do allow you to carry them onto the plane but definitely do not allow the use of them. Which is ironic as some airlines actually sell them on there flights including British Airways. Other airlines including Ryanair actually sell smokeless E-cigarettes for use on the plane. So there are no hard and fast rules or laws so if unsure check with your airline for clarification.

Vaping Abroad

This is a lot trickier. If you take your E-cigarette or E-liquid into an airport or onto an aeroplane in an incorrect manner the chances are all the will happen is it will be confiscated.

However if you take your vaping kit to the wrong country you could actually end up in jail. So be careful. Wherever your destination check careully the laws in that country. For example if you take an E-cigarette into Qatar you will be arrested. Several other countries have banned them as well such as Singapore, and it looks like they will soon be banned in India as well. In most European countries your ok to travel with them and use them but you must still check the laws of the country of your destination as a mistake here can cost you a lot more than a confiscated mod!!

I hope this helps clarify how to travel and use vape products abroad. I sourced this information from several websites however the main source is the Gatwick Airport website so please feel free to check there as well.


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