What Is Vaping? What Is An E-cigarette?

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There are lots of terms, phrases and jargon surrounding the use of e-cigarettes and vaping in general. So here I try to cut through all of that and explain what it is all about and how it works.

First of all, for all beginners out there or people who are thinking about switching to e-cigarettes, are there any differences between vaping and the use of e-cigarettes? The answer is a simple NO, the moment you pick up and e-cigarette of any kind you are now vaping, and have joined the millions of people who now love to vape. So even the most basic kit like the pen style starter kits is bringing you into vaping

e-cigarette starter kit vaping uk from smok aspire kanger and vaporessoThese are all examples of starter kits that will introduce to e-cigarettes and start you on your vaping journey.

So what is an e-cigarette and how does it work? 

In essence they all work exactly the same way. In the same way that all cars get you from A to B, whether it is a £500 car or a £50,000 car, they all essentially do the same thing just some do it better and more comfortably than others. E-cigarettes and vaping are exactly the same. They all produce vapour that you inhale and they all do it exactly the same way. It doesn't matter if you have a pen style like this:

e-cigarette innokin endura t18 pen style ecig for vaping uk

Or the latest e-cigarette like this one:

e-cigarette vaporesso raptor kit vaping uk

They all do the same and work in the same way. Basically you have the battery at the bottom. The battery, when activated, produces heat in the coil. The coil is like a heating element in a kettle, it heats up the e-liquid to produce vapour, you then inhale this vapour and you are now vaping. Obviously there is a lot more sophistication built into the more expensive kits, but they all still work in this same basic way in terms of how they produce the vapour that you inhale.

There is too much jargon in this industry and too many people who try to make it sound more complicated than it needs to be. I hope this quick blog has simplified things a little bit, as usual if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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