Which E-Cigarette?

Posted by Peter Nelson on

So you have decided to try and give up smoking, but which E-cigarette should you buy in order to help you on your noble cause? There are dozens of types and quite often dozens of variations on the types!

I am going to try and give you a basic guide here.

First there are the standard "pen" style E-Cigarette here is an example. These are popular because they are inexpensive (usually around £20) and very easy to use. These are a great way to get into vaping. The only real downside is the batteries don't last long, so you may need a couple of spares.

Next is the box mod kit, and here is an example. This type of box mod style of kit is popular with people who are going to be using it a lot. Particularly outdoors as it has a much better battery than the pen style. In addition the tank on this affords much better airflow which means you will experience much nicer flavour from the E-liquid.

Then we talk about sub-ohm vaping. this is really for the more experienced users. An example is the Kanger Top Box Mini. These are really designed for the more experience vaper in mind. They tend to be bulky and heavy due to the additional battery power needed to fire them, again the main advantage is a fuller flavour from the vape. A beginner should work up to one of these.

One of the complaints I get is from women who complain that box mods aren't very feminine! especially if they are wanting to experiment with sub ohm vaping. Well there is the Aspire Pockex. This device I have left to last as it stands on its own. Great starter kit but also a great device to allow sub ohm vaping without having to lug around a box mod. I sell a lot of these to women as they fir neatly into handbag or pocket, they are also popular with builders as they are sturdy and don't break easily.


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  • Thank you for your help , this explains alot.

    Kirsty Steel on

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