Which E-Liquid is Safe?

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Her at www.clouodvapinguk.co.uk safety and your health are paramount. There is a lot of bad press about vaping. While there are no medical experts or scientists employed here, there is a belief that vaping is safe. There are ways though that you can ensure the maximum confidence in the products you are inhaling. After all you are putting this in your body!!

First of all only vape UK, EU or US manufactured products, but even this does not guarantee you are vaping something safe. There are a lot of E-liquid brands on the market, some of them look great but are made in someone's garage, and you have no idea what is going into these E-liquids.

So ensure that the E-liquids you are buying are TPD compliant. This means the brand owner has had the liquid tested by the government and has been passed as safe to vape. You can find out more about TPD compliance here. You can also use this link to download a spreadsheet and check that the liquid you are vaping is TPD compliant. In addition every bottle of regulated E-liquid will have stamped on it the EC-ID number for the contents of that bottle. This is because every flavour of every nicotine strength has to be tested individually. So the EC-ID number is unique to each flavour and the nicotine strength of that flavour.

You can be rest assured that ALL liquids on this website are fully TPD compliant, so you can vape safe with products form this site. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact us and we are only to glad to help.

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