Vape Accessories

Vape Accessories

All of the accessories are designed to enhance your vaping life. Ranging from spare tank glass, chargers and mod decorations to hygiene products for your tank.

Accessories are becoming an increasing must have for the discerning vapour. There are an increasing amount of accesories available to help you protect, clean and store your e-cigarette and batteries. Here I have listed a few types to help you decide if you may be in need of any:

Battery Charger: These are for mods that take batteries (as opposed to mods that have them built in), it is never advisable to charge your battieries while in the mod. A battery charger such as the Efest LUC V2 keeps your batteries in good condition and charged, plus you can have one set of batteries on charge, whilst using another set.

Vape Band: A rubber band that goes around your tank. This protects the glass when you, and you will, drop your e-cigarette, the vape band just helps to stop the glass from breaking on your tank. If it does break you either have to replace the whole tank, or in some cases replace the glass, either way expense is involved.

Lanyard Pouch: A small and neat holder for your e-cigarette. Typically made from faux leather. Keeps your e-cigarette/mod safe and clean while out and about.

Battery Case: To safely carry your spare mod batteries with you, typically 18650 batteries. You must never carry spare batteries loose in your pockets, a battery case protects you and your battery.

Drip Tip: A lot of tanks have detachable tips (the bit that goes in your mouth). You can replace these with a new one, there are many available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, even some novelty ones are available. As long as your tank has a removable tip you will be able to get a replacement.

Bottle: Your e-liquid comes in a 10ml bottle (legal requirement), so many people simply buy a larger bottle, 30ml for example, and transfer the e-liquid into this bigger bottle as it is easier to carry one big bottle than 3 small ones. 

Glass Tube: On most tanks you have the ability to replace your glass tube in case of breakage. Some makes, such as Aspire, allow you to buy additional larger capacity glass tubes, allowing you to increase the size of your tank from 2ml to 3.5ml for example.





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