Canavape E-Liquid 400mg CBD + 40mg CBG 20ml

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Canavape CBD

Canavape E-Liquid 400mg CBD + 40mg CBG 20ml

Canavape® CBD+ is a range of medium strength, multi-cannabinoid vape liquids which contain CBG (cannabigerol). Derived from natural & pharmaceutical certified ingredients. These liquids can be used in any e cigarette and vaping devices.


Canavape Blueberry - A soft and palatable, smooth blueberry flavour.

Canavape Go Menthol - A twist on the classic menthol flavour, developed specifically for CBD liquids.

Canavape Red Scante - A secret recipe, for those fond of the Heisenberg flavours of e-liquid. Featuring pineapple, mango, menthol and Canavape's secret ingredients.

Canavape Pink Lemonade - A slightly different angle on the usual pink lemonade flavour. Bursting with strawberries, raspberries & lemons.  

Canavape Bubblegum - An intense and fruity Hubba Bubba style flavour with a sweet aftertaste.

Canavape Grape Escape - A fusion of grapes and apple with a cool refreshing exhale.

- Strength: 400MG CBD

- 40mg CBG

- Total Cannabinoid %: 2.2%

- Size: 20ML E-liquid

- Made in the UK