Jargon Buster

There are a lot of new words, and a lot of jargon is used when talking about vaping. It seems that an entirely new language has developed around these products. I call it vaping, you might call it smoking an E-cigarette!

So I have listed below some of the words and terms used when people talk about E-cigarettes and the use of, to try and help you understand what other people are actually talking about!!

510- Simply a type of connection. Has become very common and is the connector between the battery and the tank. It means you can put different makes of tanks onto any battery with a connector of this type

Atomizer- The heating element. This is the bit that heats up the liquid.

ADV-All Day Vape, simply any E-liquid you could happily vape all day long.

Cartomizer-A cartridge that combines the atomizer with a tank that holds liquid.

Coil-The atomizers heating element. These need to be replaced on a regular basis.

Cloud-This is the name given to an E-Cigarette that is giving off a huge mist like cloud of vaper, some people even make it there hobby to produce the biggest cloud they can.

Drip Tip-This is used to directly drip liquid onto the atomizer, instead of holding liquid in a tank. typically used by very experienced vapers.

Dry Hit-Taking a draw without any vaper being produced.

Dry Burn-A method of cleaning atomizers to extend there life.

eGo-An alternative connection to the 510.

E-Liquid-The liquid that goes into the tank for you to vape.

Juice-Another name for the E-liquid.

Mod- Short for modification of an E-Cigarette, though now is more commonly used as the battery control unit.

MTL- Mouth to Lung, this is the preferred method of vaping as it closer simulates how you use a cigarette. Take a drag then inhale.

Nic-Short for Nicotine, the additive put in liquids.

PG-Propylene Glycol, one of the base components of liquids.

RBA-Rebuildable Atomizer, this is a generic term for any tank or coil that can be stripped down and put back together with new wick etc.

RDA-Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer, this is a coil that you build yourself (though more people are doing this to sell on) and has no tank as such, you drip the E-liquid direct onto the cotton. This is regarded as the method that provides the most flavour.

RTA-Rebuildable Tank Atomizer. This is similar to the RBA except it has a much bigger glass reservoir, so you get a lot of E-liquid that then soaks the cotton giving you great flavour but can be cumbersome and they are prone to leaking or even cracking.

STL- Straight to Lung, this method of vaping is preferred by experienced vapers looking for greater flavour and cloud. You simply inhale the vapour straight into your lungs

Tank-Reservoir that holds the liquid.

Throat Hit-Refers to the "bite" at the back of the throat similar to that of smoking.

TPD-The tobacco products directive. A new set of EU rules (and a good example to be pro brexit) regulating the use of and sale of E-Cigarettes, including E-liquid and E-Cigarettes.

Vaping-The act of using an E-Cigarette.

VG-Vegetable Glycerin, another component of liquid, commonly a mix of PG and VG is used.

Wick-The part of the coil that soaks up the liquid, usually made of cotton.