2 in 1 Hygiene Cap and Tank Vape Band

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Hygiene Vape Band

This great little accessory, not only protects your tank from cracks but also fits over the mouthpiece to stop dirt, dust and flies getting in!!


vape band neopprene cap 2 in 1 hygiene cap vaping supplies uk tank protection(e-cigarette kit not included)

Made from a high quality neoprene, it is light weight and strong. Available in four different colours: red, black, blue and pink.

This vape band will help prevent your tank from smashing when you drop it and also fit snugly over your drip tip to prevent particles from the air getting inside.

2 in 1 vape band neoprene tank protection vaping supplies uk

So safety and hygiene built into one neat little accessory.

Will fit most kits where the tanks are between 20 to 25mm

Product Review

The vape band listed here is fairly unique. I certainly can't find one like it anywhere else. This band will fit most e-cigarette tanks. It is made of a tough neoprene and is easy to fit. Simply slide the band over your vape tank. The band helps to protect the glass from breaking.

I fitted one very easily onto an Aspire Zelos kit. The Aspire Zelos comes with the Nautilus 2 tank and the band slipped on easily. The cap the fitted snugly and tight onto the drip tip.

2 in 1 vape band for e-cigarette tank vape supplies uk

As you can see from the image the band fitted easily. I did find that on some other tanks, while the band fits, the cap can struggle to sit tight onto the drip tip, especially on STL tanks such as the SMOK Baby Beast, it does fit but may fall off easily. The idea of this band is that it protects your e-cigarette tank glass from breaking (not guaranteed of course) if you drop it (and you will drop it), it also prevent particles from getting into your tank while your e-cigarette is in to in use.

Basically this band does what it says on the tin. It protects your vape tank from glass damage and stops stuff getting into the drip tip. What more could you want?


easy to use



Cap might not fit all tanks snuggly