Aspire NX75-Z Box MOD E-cigarette

  • £37.99

    • Variable Wattage up to 75W
    • Temperature Control
    • Connector 510
This isn't just a basic 75watt box mod from Aspire. What your getting here is innovative design and technology. The battery enclosure is well designed so you get a good tight fit meaning the battery gets a good connection. There are an extra couple of buttons so you can easily switch between wattage variable control, or temperature variable control. An excellent choice for experienced vapers looking for something a bit different and well built.
aspire nx75 mod. Box mod from ASpire 75watt variable in black red silver or white vape uk
The Aspire NX75-Z has a die cast finish to it giving you a cool finish to the touch as well as vivid colours to choose from.
aspire nx75-z box mod ecigarette colours
The NX75 is a one battery mod, (sold separately here), which means it is neat and compact.
aspire nx75 box mod ecigarette dimensions
The Aspire NX75 has a customisable screen as well as a child lock facility
aspire nx75 box mod child lock ecigarette
The Aspire NX75 has an intuitive and easy to use button function.
aspire nx75 box mod ecigarette button functions
The NX75 box mod has quick select keys for ease of access. Navigate through different mod modes with quick button combo. Press the "W" and "T" button to easily switch between Wattage and Temperature modes.
aspire nx75 box mod ecigarette aspire nx75 box mod ecigarette temperature control
The NX75 has customisable firing control called customisable firing button profiles (CFBP), this allows for the heat ramp up to be customised and controlled. There is no need to  connect the mod to a computer, making this feature very easy to use. CFBP allows you to create a profile to enhance the flavour of your favourite e-liquid.
The Aspire NX75 takes one Aspire 18650 battery, sold seperately but available here.
aspire nx75 box mod 18650 battery replacement ecigarette
The Aspire NX75 can have the firmware upgraded by plugging into a computer, this allows Aspire to add new features even after you have purchased. for dowload information go to
aspire nx75 box mod ecigarette firmware upgrade