aspire pockex starter kit coils for ecigarette and eliquid

Aspire PockeX Coils 5 Pack

  • £12.49

The Aspire PockeX coils is a 0.6Ohm coil rated at 18-23Watts. I t utilises the 316L U-tech technology that Aspire have developed for increased airflow and flavour.

aspire pocckex starter kit coils for ecigarette and eliquid 


  • Compatibility Aspire PockeX/ Nautilus X
  • 0.6ohm

Product Review

I use the Aspire Pockex for e-liquid reviews so I am very familiar with the coil for it. There is only one option for the Pockex and that is the 0.6Ohm coil. Being Sub Ohm means it is very versatile in the types of e-liquid you can put in the tank. I have used very thick, high VG, premium e-liquids without any issues, it will vape them all fine. The only issue with using premium e-liquids is that your not going to get the benefits of the full flavour they can provide, so basically don't waste your money buying premium e-juice with this coil. 

As a footnote, even though Aspire don't mention it, this coil will also fit the Nautilus X tank. And when it does it brings the tank alive!!