Aspire Pockex Replacement Glass

  • £4.99

aspire pockex starter kit e-cigarette replacement glass vape supplies ukThis is the replacement glass for the Aspire Pockex All In One Starter Kit. This is the original glass from Aspire. You will get the glass and the metal sheath cover. The glass and sheath are all in one so there is no assembly. Simply fit this as you did when you replaced your coil on the Aspire Pockex. Just as the original one that came with the kit, this one is manufactured to the exacting standards you would expect from Aspire.
Currently the glass comes in the four colours that are available for the Pockex, silver, white, rose gold and black. Simply choose the same colour as your Pockex and it will be a perfect match.
Product Review
This Aspire Pockex replacement glass top comes in a very neat little box. When you open it you see that it has been packaged very well to protect it.
aspire pockex starter kit all in one e-cigarette vape supplies uk
When you take it out of the box the first thing you will notice is the quality. As this is the genuine Aspire product you get exactly the same tank as came with the original one when you bought it. When I put this onto my Aspire Pockex it fitted immediately and perfectly. Please not this does not come with the seal for the top, so don't lose that or your Aspire Pockex will leak. 
This is a quality product and the perfect replacement for when you break the glass on your Aspire Pockex and far less expensive than buying a whole new kit.
Build quality