Aspire Rover X30 Kit E-cigarette Starter Kit

  • £32.99

aspire x30 rover kit ecigarette for eliquid
One of the best selling kits on the market at the moment. Aimed at the new user and the vaper who wants an on the go type of kit.
aspire nautilus x tank for aspire x30 rover kit ecigarette
Topped with a good quality tank, can be used with PG liquids as well as some VG e-liquids. With variable wattage from 1 to 30Watts this kit is great for beginners. This can be used with PG liquids or liquids with some VG in them as well up to 50/50 VG/PG. I have used this with PG e-liquids, as well as Ultimate Version 2 50/50 VG/PG e-liquids. It fits neatly into the hand as its quite small so an all round damn good kit!
aspire x30 rover kit ecigarette for eliquid
The compact NX30 box mod topped with the Nautilus X tank make for a great on the go combination.
  • Capacity 2.0ml
  • Variable Wattage up to 30w
  • Coil Aspire Nautilus X
  • Connector 510
  • 200mAh built in battery

ASpire Rover X30 Kit starter kit NX30 box mod nautilus x tank vaping uk

Package Contents: 1 x NX 30 30 Watt Mod, 1 x Nautilus X Tank, 1 x 1.8Ohm Coil, 1 x Replacement Pyrex Glass, 1 x Micro USB Cable, 1 x Lanyard Strap, 1 x Warranty Card, 1 x User Manual

Product Review

The Aspire Rover X30 kit is a combination between the NX30 mod and Nautilus X tank. This is a good combo as the mod is 30watts and the tank coils are rated up to about 23watts. On first inspection of opening, when you take the mod out. It feels light and cool to the touch. Its a small mod and the edges are quite rigid. All the new mods coming out are much more ergonomically designed, this isn't but its small enough that it doesn't really matter. The tank with this kit is the popular mouth to lung tank Aspire Nautilus X, of which there is a review here. Combine these two with a 2000mAh battery and you have a kit that will happily let you vape all day.

Ease Of Use

As with everything that Aspire do, the Rover X30 kit is very simple to use. the fire button is conveniently placed and the up and down buttons are simple and easy to use, these buttons are used to change the setting such as the Wattage. The tank is top filling so couldn't be easier to fill up with your favourite e-liquid.


Cracking starter kit for anyone wanting to substitute smoking cigarettes with an e-cigarette. This is a great introduction to the world of vaping and is very easy to use. Small and compact ideal for a discreet vape. Not really aimed at cloud chasers or experienced vapers looking for fuller flavour.


Small and compact

Easy to use


Could be a bit more ergonomic