Aspire Zelos 50w Mod

  • £44.99

Aspire Zelos 50w Mod
aspire zleos 50w mod e-cigarette vape supplies ukThe Aspire Zelos is an ergonomic and stylish 50watt mod powered by a powered by a 2500mAh Lipo battery. It is a variable wattage and voltage mod. You can also use the temperature control mode even in wattage mode, making the Aspire Zelos mod a great mod able to satisfy all your vaping needs.
The Aspire Zelos mod is stylish and ergonomically designed. It is also small enough to fit comfortably in your hand.
aspire zelos 50watt mod e-cigarette vape supplies ukThe Zelos mod is available in three distinct colours, red, grey and black. It is made from anodized aluminium so feels comfortable and cool to the touch.
aspire zelos 50watt mod e-cigarette vape supplies ukThe Aspire Zelos has quick select keys allowing you to switch easily between variable wattage, voltage and temperature control.
aspire zelos 50watt mod e-cigarette vape supplies uk
One neat little trick the Zelos has is no matter which way you hold it, the screen display will automatically rotate to the correct way up for you to view easily.
aspire zelos 50watt mod e-cigarette vape supplies ukContents: 1 x Aspire Zelos mod, 1 x USB charging cable, 1 x warranty card, 1 x user manual.
Product Review
I like the Zelos mod from Aspire. When you first take it out of the box you get an initial sense of quality when you hold it. The anodized aluminium feels comfortable and cool in the hand. It is also a surprisingly neat and compact mod considering the battery power. It just feels right in your hand. There are no edges on it, everything is rounded so that it feels comfortable. The fire button is discreet but big enough to easily find and press. When you do press it you get the feel or sense of quality again. It has a 510 spring loaded screw mount for the tank to screw into. This is a standard fitting now on mods and pretty much any tank on the market today will fit, all you need to do is select  a tank that uses coils up to 50watts rating.
Ease Of Use
Quite frankly it couldn't be easier to use. To change the settings you simply hold down the up and down buttons simultaneously then press the fire button. This activates change setting mode. At this point you simply scroll through the various settings until you reach the one you want to change to and then press the fire button to select it. Its that easy. The charge port is on the side near the bottom of the mod, so you can charge it while it stand on your desk/table, very simple and easy. This really is a great mod fro beginners and advanced vapers alike. It is simple to use for a beginner but has all the settings an experienced vaper might use.
Sleek and stylish
build quality
ease of use
To be brutally honest I couldn't find any, except maybe not the most exciting mod to look at, that's it, that's all I can think of.
This is one of the best mods on the market at the moment. Aspire have done a great job with the design and build quality. They have also put a lot of thought into functionality to make it as easy to use as it can be.