Cherry Menthol Ultimate Version 2 E-Liquid VG/PG

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Ultimate Version 2 E-liquid
Cherry Menthol Ultimate Version 2 E-Liquid  VG/PG
This unique fusion of a summer fruit with an arctic blast makes this the perfect vape for all seasons.

 ultimate version 2 cherry menthol flavour e-liquid for e-cigaretteultimate version 2 cherry menthol eliquid for ecigarette

Now buy ANY 5 flavours for just £10.00!!

Ultimate Version 2 E-liquids are TPD compliant and 100% British manufactured. This means you are buying a UK regulated liquid ensuring the highest possible quality of the product.

cherry menthol e-liquid tpd compliant ultimate version 2 ejuice vape supplies uk

These E-liquids are aimed at beginners and intermediate vapers and are a great introduction to the use of E-cigarettes. As they have VG (vegetable glycerin) in them, as oppose to liquids that only have PG (propylene glycol), you are ensured a fuller smoother flavour!

Ultimate Version 2 E-liquids can be used in the most basic starter kit and also in the most advanced kits, mods and tanks.

For the more advanced user, don't be put off by the price, this juice is manufactured to the highest of standards so you can enjoy full flavour and a strong range. So there is something for everyone, from British Tobacco to the Tutti Fruiti!

They all have a mix of VG/PG so you get a full more satisfying flavour no matter what your preferred nicotine strength is.

VG/PG Ratio:

0Mg   60/40

3Mg   60/40

6Mg   55/45

12Mg 50/50

18Mg 40/60

Ultimate Version 2 are manufactured in an ISO class 5 certified laboratory using only EP/USP Pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Each strength of each flavour has undergone rigorous emissions and toxicology testing with batch control and traceability. You can use the E-liquids with total peace of mind.