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Aspire Nautilus X U-tech Coil 5 Pack

  • £11.99

Nautilus X U-tech coils are specially designed to enhance airflow. The U shaped chamber allows the vape to flow over the Kanthal coil twice giving you an enhanced flavour experience form your favourite e-liquid.

aspire nautlius x tank coils for ecigarette and eliquid


These coils allow for the Nautilus X Tank to have very efficient airflow.

aspire nautilus x tank coil utech for ecigarette and eliquid


Product Review

As with everything Aspire do this bottom vertical coil combined with U-tech design is inspired. Considering these are designed for a mouth to lung tank, the flavour these coils produce is amazing. 

They don't produce a large amount of vapour but what it does produce is full of flavour. Personally I prefer the 1.5Ohms coil, I find this one produces more flavour from the higher VG e-liquids. If your using high PG e-liquids there isn't much difference in flavour between the 2 coils, but for high VG I certainly recommend the 1.5Ohm coil. 

An added bonus is that you can use these coils in the Aspire Pockex, so if your feeling a bit rebelious have a go at using these coils in your Pockex!!