Jeffries Vintage Vape Short Fill E-liquid 100ml

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Jeffries Vintage Vape Short Fill E-liquid


–  Made in the UK

–  100ml Short fill e-liquid

–  0mg nicotine

–  70VG/30PG

Elderflower & Apple-delivers an incredibly fresh and refreshing vape.  With crispy and fresh ripe apples and a delicate undertone of elderflower provides an authentic and traditional flavour.  Not too sweet, not too tart, a perfectly refreshing all day vape!

Dandelion & Burdoch-delivers the classic dandelion and burdock.  Blended from a traditional recipe which is full of flavour.  Crisp and creamy - a truly retro flavour that won't be forgotten!

Iron Brew-expertly recreates the distinct yet undeniable flavour of a Scottish classic with its faithful representation of an orange tinted cream soda bottled up for your vaping pleasure.

Orange Soda-is an authentic recreation of a carbonated citrus classic that delivers on the original’s promise of a genuine orange flavour with its trademark fizzy feel.

Cloudy Lemonade-delivers the classically sweet and zesty sensation of a genuine lemonade stirred with a good dose of raw sugar, with just the right amount of fizz to leave your taste buds tingling for more.

Root Beer-delivers the classic Root Beer.  Blended from a traditional recipe which is full of flavour and the unique flavour of sarsaparilla.  If you love a good root beer, you'll love our recipe!

Cream Soda-brings all the fizzy carbonated goodness of a rich and high-quality vanilla infused cream soda which pays homage to the local favourite

Mint-offers nothing but the purest cooling sensations in the refreshing form of mint that manages to hit all the right spots in delivering a lasting minty sensation that your taste buds will struggle to forget.


Short Fill E-liquids are the best way to get value for money from bottled e-liquid. Cost per ml is a lot cheaper than TPD compliant 10ml bottles. 

You can read my guide to Short Fill e-liquids here

A selection of short fill brands such as Fizzy Juice, Fat Panda, Pancake Man, Nasty Juice, Twelve Monkeys, Far, and many more e-liquids in shortfill.

These short fill e-liquids are carefully selected for flavour and vapour production.

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short fill eliquid for ecigarette uk

Short fill simply means that the bottle is not totally full. In the bottle you will receive 50ml of shortfill e-liquid which is 0mg Nicotine content. If you need nicotine you can buy it here.  Simply add the nicotine shot to the 50ml e-liquid and give it a very good shake. This will give you a 60ml bottle of e-liquid at 3mg nicotine strength.