Juice E Fruit 0mg 75ml Shortfill E-liquid

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Juice E fruit E-liquid

Juice E Fruit  0mg 75ml Shortfill E-liquid

Juice E Fruit – Wonka Wonka E-Liquid is a magically quirky red berry, sweet eucalyptus and aniseed mix. An Oompa-Loompa flavour chasing a bottle of tricks that sensually licks your palate for kicks then unloads a savour bomb fix that’ll knock you for six.

Doodle Bug:
Juice E Fruit – Doodle Bug E-Liquid is funky by name, funky by nature. A blast of seriously sumptuous and ferociously fruity blackcurrant mixed with the subtle sweetness of your favourite Bubblegum rounded off with an out of this world cooling kick

- Made in the UK

- 0mg Nicotine

- 75ml Shortfill E-liquid

- 70VG / 30PG High VG