SMOK Vape Pen Tank

  • £12.99

SMOK Vape Pen Tank
smok vape pen tank from smoktech vape supplies ukThe SMOK Vape Pen tank utilises the same coils as the Vape Pen 22, which features huge cloud and massive flavour. This is a cost effective tank and is compatible with most variable wattage mods that have a standard 520 connection. It is also compatible with all pen style batteries that also have the 510 connection.
The SMOK Vape Pen tank is made from a stainless steel body, and the tube is made from heat resistant, food grade glass. 
smok vape pen tank from smoktech vape supplies ukThe Vape Pen Tank has two air holes at the bottom of the tank. This ensures maximum airflow and maximum cloud. In turn this means that you get great flavour from this tank.
smok vape pen tank from smoktech airflow vape supplies ukThe SMOK Vape Pen tank has an easy to use refill system. You simply unscrew the top and pour in your favourite e-liquid.
smok vape pen tank from smoktech vape supplies ukThe SMOK Vape Pen tank is easy to dismantle for coil replacement and cleaning.
Smok vape pen tank from smoktech vape supplies ukOverall this is an excellent tank from SMOK, if your on a tight budget but want maximum flavour this is the tank for you.
Product Review
Just to be clear this is a budget tank from SMOK, so nobody should expect the greatest flavour or cloud from a tank like this.
Now that is out of the way, I like this tank!!
It is a very basic tank of course, but it packs a nice punch. It is supplied with a 0.25 Ohm coil with bottom airflow, though the airflow is not adjustable and is fixed on full open. I found this coil to be rated between 30-50Watts but only really felt it worked properly on the maximum of 50Watts. Below 50 and I felt I wasn't getting enough from it in terms of cloud and flavour, but use it at 50Watts and WOW!! Flavour and cloud is amazing at this point. There is also a 0.3Ohm coil available if you don't want to vape up to 50Watts. 
As you can see above the whole tank comes apart, while this makes it easy to clean and replace the coil, it makes it very fiddly to refill. You see the glass is held in place by the top of the tank screwing down onto the coil. In order to fill it you have to remove the top, and as you do, the tank can easily loosen. I found it almost impossible to fill up without some leakage! Again though we must remember this is a budget tank. Yes it is fiddly to fill with your favourite e-liquid but you get used to that. 
I think this tank is great for someone on a budget who would like to start Sub Ohm vaping and straight to lung. It is also handy for experienced users who work in places where tanks get easily damaged, e.g. building sites and factories, the Vape Pen Tank could be a cheap alternative to smashing your more expensive tank, keep that safe at home!
Great flavour
Good cloud
Fiddly to refill