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UD Kanthal Wire 24Ga A1 Grade 30ft

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Kanthal wire from UD is manufactured to the highest standards. This wire is well known in the vaping world for having a high tolerance at high temperatures. Cheaper wire degenerates quickly at high temperature.

This wire is grade A1 Kanthal 24Gauge and 30ft long.

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Kanthal wire is used for making or rebuilding your own coils. By using wire from UD you are assured a clean and precise vape with a minimum of dry hits.

kanthal coil wire 24 gauge grade A1 vape supplies ukWhen choosing the correct wire for yourself you need to decide what Ohms you want to vape at, most vapers have to experiment a bit before they find there own "sweet spot" in terms of the Ohms/Wattage/Temperature that suits them. For example a 22Ga wire create a coil that will vape at approximately 0/17Ohms, whereas a 30Ga wire will register at about 1.7Ohms. It is up to the individual to decide which is best for them.