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Hello and Welcome,

My name is Peter Nelson and  this is my  e-commerce website. I started selling e-cigarettes from my computer repair & sales shop, Blue Chip Computers, about 3 years ago. I started selling just basic pen style E-Cigarettes and E-liquids, from Diamond Mist. Since then that side of the business has grown, to the point that vape products outstrips computer products in terms of retail sales. In that time I have expanded the range that I sell to include Kangertech, SMOK and Aspire hardware, and for E-Liquid I am now selling the Ultimate Version 2 range including Ultimate High VG, Vape Dinner Lady, Nasty Juice and Mums Home Baked. And just to prove that I am a real person behind the website this is me, please cover your children's eyes now!

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CloudVapingUK.co.uk is a new and exciting website. We are focused on bringing you the latest Vaping technology, whether you are a beginner or an advanced user. For the beginner we can offer as much help and support as you need to get started. With something like the Aspire Pockex for example.

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For the more advanced user we will strive to find the latest products including Mods, Tanks and E-liquids for you to try out and experiment with, all aimed at enhancing your vaping experience. For example the latest high powered mod from Aspire, the Aspire Speeder.

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Another strong advantage we have is that none of us actually Vape as a past time. We do try the flavours and products but don't come from a vaping background. A lot of sellers are vapers. This means it is a hobby for them, they are passionate about it, which is a good thing. Except that they may not give you the best advice possible, as they tend to sell you what they like to use, the trouble is we all vape differently and want different things from vaping. Here at cloudvapinguk.co.uk we try to provide totally unbiased opinion and advice. The products we select might not be the trendiest or wildest available but they are highly recommended, good build quality and well known brands. Such as from Innokin, an example is the Innokin Kroma Kit.

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All of the products we sell are sourced from UK authorised distributors only, this includes the e-liquids. Please note, this means we are not the cheapest around. The reason I buy form UK authorized sellers is that I know they are the genuine product, be careful there are a LOT of fakes out there!  This means you can buy from us safe in the knowledge that everything we sell is manufactured to UK standards, and the liquids are fully TPD compliant. Bottom line is you can vape and inhale using high quality products, this is always important when your health and wellbeing are involved.

I am telling you all this stuff about me and my business because I want you to feel confident that you can buy from us safe in the knowledge that everything we sell is genuine and legitimate. That is the same reason all contact details are visible and easy, feel free to reach out and ask anything, we are always here to help, well except when we are sleeping of course!!